Are you similar to your character?

100%, I’m way too optimistic. Just like Sylvie, I’ll ditch a bad vibe real quick and find myself a high vibe party even if it’s just me.

What’s it like shooting a Christmas movie in the Summer?

It’s usually hot. I picked Sylvie’s dress for the Christmas party and I went with the dress with the least material. I’m used to filming Christmas movies in 100 degree weather though, it adds to the anxiety of Christmas…I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Did anything surprise you about this shoot?

Uhm, the wickedly talented cast?? Like I knew of the cast members, but actually experiencing their greatness was so refreshing and really entertaining.

What was your favorite part of the shoot?

The Office Christmas party for sure. Something crazy is always bound to happen when you have too many actors in a room together. I really enjoyed getting to know the background actors, they were so fun and filled with amazing energy.

Where else can we watch your work?

I’ve got another show that just dropped on Apple TV! It’s called Tokens, and My character Sammie is an aspiring actress who is tired of stereotypical roles, so she joins On Call Casting that sends out actors to fill the diversity quota in super white productions. It’s hilarious!

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