Fave & least fave part of the holidays?

I don’t really love the holidays. I’ve been a sad adult for a few too many holidays so it takes effort to enjoy them! That’s the worst part. Though now that I have a partner who loves giving me gifts, I do enjoy it a lot more. My husband likes to pile all of my gifts on top each other for me. Just like the psychic predicted!!

Did you have a favorite part of the shoot?

The scenes with Ginger and Wyatt were always really fun to shoot! The bar scene, the party… anytime we were all on set together was really great! Also at some point I discovered Beaver Tails which is basically a flat churro with lemon squeezed on top so that the lemon juice, the cinnamon and sugar all combine to make a syrup. YUM! We were shooting near a BeaverTail stand and so I had pretty good access to them!

What’s it like shooting a Christmas movie in the Summer?

It was…..hot….to say the least. Coats and boots and pretending to be cold while sweat is dripping down my face…What an experience!

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

I’m at an age where a gift for my cats, also counts as a gift for me. That’s wild but dead ass, I want my cats to be happy. That’s the greatest gift a woman without children could ask for!

Who is your favorite character in the Movie?

I like Wolf the elf the most! He’s magic! That’s so dope but he still finds a way to be cynical and jaded. Like Babe! You’re magic. You can snap your fingers and zoom yourself to a Beyoncé concert! Why are you wasting your potential?! Also, I would live my best life if I smelled like Cinnamon

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