Wynonna Earp star Tim Rozon may have left the bedeviled town of Purgatory behind, but he still has his hands full with things that go bump in the night on his new show SurrealEstate.

EW is exclusively debuting the first trailer for the Syfy series, which you can check out below. Premiering July 16, the spooky drama stars Rozon as Luke Roman, a well-dressed real estate agent who specializes in selling homes that no one else can — specifically ones that are haunted and would scare most people away. Luke and his team work to research and fix the problems in order to close on the sale.

“Our team will encounter all kind of supernatural things throughout the season,” Rozon tells EW. “None, none, none the same. And they will vary on degrees of evilness, of good, of vulnerability, of realness. It’s kind of got everything in there, which is the most exciting part for me because nothing was the same.”

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